Why struggle to manage your WiFi yourself when we can do it for you – with advanced features and analytics

Managed WiFi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that helps businesses provide seamless WiFi Internet access virtually anywhere across the enterprise with comprehensive management tools that help manage and maximize wireless access. From wireless service in hotels, hospitals and colleges to conference venues, libraries and manufacturing facilities, Time Warner Cable Business Class Managed WiFi meets the demands of businesses that rely on consistent WiFi Internet connections.

Build brand loyalty by giving your customers a dependable experience based on their preferences. While at your location, customers can enjoy reliable Wi-Fi access, get real-time information on special offers, and interact with your company’s social media.

You can also create a more interactive consumer experience. In a hospitality setting, for example, customers can conveniently check in or out, schedule services, and make purchases.

In retail locations, shoppers can check inventory on hand or complete orders, while managers can adjust staffing and purchasing to meet customer needs, using data gathered on in-store traffic patterns and transactions.

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